Why a Community Health Needs Assessment?

Many health departments have not completed a Community Health Assessment since the onset of COVID-19. Mostly due to resources being reallocated and the undertaking of a CHA is an overwhelming task for the majority of health departments without a pandemic or the team wearing more hats than a baseball team!
In addition to resources, these changes have occurred:
  • CDC – 10 Essential Health Services were redefined and rewritten.
  • Healthy People 2030 was launched.
  • Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) there are 10 Domains, instead of 12, to align with the “NEW” 10 Essential Public Health Services and Health Equity is emphasized and included in every domain.
Also, NACCHO developed MAPP 2.0, the evolution to the 22-year-old MAPP framework which has been the “gold standard” for assessments in developing the CHA. In the “evolution” there are now only three assessments that focus on health equity and partner engagement that includes storytelling to write the narrative of your community health improvement process. The name of the assessment was modified to include “needs”; hence, the name “Community Health Needs Assessment”.
So why does your community need a CHNA:
  • Required for accreditation with PHAB; these needs assessments follow processes like MAPP and the new MAPP 2.0.
  • Resource as a building block to create the case for a new program or service.
  • Alignment of programs and services to needs.
  • Collaboration of the community’s perspectives and partnerships.
Who understands the needs of the community better than… the community itself?
Why Ascendant Healthcare Partners?
We are a trusted partner and resource to facilitate and write your CHNA. We specialize in providing full-service needs assessment, writing, and planning. We assist in making sure that residents are just as committed to seeing change and progress within the community as you are. The only question left is, why are you still waiting?
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