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Fists in Solidarity
Ascendant Healthcare Partners

Ascendant Healthcare Partners is a leading provider of community health initiatives and strategic planning for state, tribal, and local health departments.

We are hired to support community health improvement-initiatives, to develop strategy, as well as bring communities together to address health care issues to transform for a healthier future. Using proven, research-based methodologies, programs, assessments, and tools, we facilitate community health assessments, plans, and interventions that create alignment, engagement, and accountability.

Ascendant Healthcare Partners
  • Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNA)

  • Community Mental Health Assessments (CMHA)

  • Locally identified assessments for specific community needs

Ascendant Healthcare Partners
  • Community Health Improvement Planning (CHIP)

  • Health Equity Plan (HEP)

  • Strategic Planning

Ascendant Healthcare Partners
  • Measuring Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) in your community

  • Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP) Evolution 2.0

Ascendant Healthcare Partners
  • Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) Documentation Review & Recommendations

  • Health Literacy Review & Recommendations (i.e., marketing and communication materials)

Ascendant Healthcare Partners

Our Approach

We do it all. From the initial meeting to the final plan and everything in-between. We modify our methodology for each community based on individual client’s unique needs.

Our Mission

We transform communities for healthier lives by strengthening state, tribal, and local health departments through assessments, planning, and collaboration.

Our Vision

We act as a catalyst and facilitator of effective community health improvement collaboration for healthier lives.

NACCHO and AHP Partner
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