Development & Training

Ascendant Healthcare Partners believes that we can only realize our vision for healthier people and communities with the help of a well-trained workforce, ready to take on large and complex challenges. That’s why we’re committed to being a go-to source of high-quality training to emerging health issues. For us, a key area of focus is facilitating and supporting people, organizations, and communities working together to advance common goals and improve population health.

We develop nurturing partnerships, connections, and communities of practice that improve population health. With access to a network of national experts, our Consultants offer a full suite of in-house services—from meeting programming and content development to logistics

planning—all designed for professionals and partner organizations dedicated to improving population health.

Our learners who turn to us for quality training resources work in local, tribal, and state health departments as well as the federal government. They also work in community organizations, hospitals, businesses, universities, and schools.

Public health professionals rely on us to help them keep up in a dynamic field with training and performance.  

Our Offering

  • Accreditation Workshops

  • Health Equity

  • Health in All Policies 101

  • Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP)

  • Partnership Development

  • Quality Improvement (rapid cycle evaluation of current COVID-19 response efforts to improve services)

  • Technical Assistance