Navigating a Decade of Health Trends: Insights from 10 Years of Community Health Assessment

In the ever-evolving landscape of community health, Ascendant Healthcare Partners has been a guiding force throughout the past 10 years. By mirroring influential voices such as Robert Wood Johnson, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association, and USAFacts have helped pave the way for improved community health trends.

Impact on Community Health Trends
Ascendant Healthcare Partners plays a pivotal in three key areas driving current health trends:

  1. Interconnected Health Challenges: Ascendant Healthcare Partners emphasizes a comprehensive strategy, crafting tailored plans that address the interconnected nature of diabetes, obesity, and heart health.
  2. Economic and Social Implications: Commended by the American Diabetes Association, Ascendant Healthcare Partners incorporates social determinants of health into community health improvement plans, alleviating economic burdens.
  3. Need for Preventive Healthcare: Recognized by the CDC, Ascendant Healthcare Partners actively promotes preventive measures through health education, community-driven initiatives, and accessible healthcare resources.

Ascendant Healthcare Partners Harnesses Important National Database Systems

We are leading the way in innovative methodologies, harnessing the power of national database systems like mySidewalk. This technology enables dynamic data analysis, offering nuanced insights into community health trends and facilitating tailored interventions.

Ascendant Healthcare Partners is at the forefront of a shift from traditional data collection to an engagement model centered on storytelling. Beyond the quantitative realm, this approach employs surveys to bridge perception and reality, capturing both quantitative and qualitative dimensions. This added step is crucial, providing a holistic understanding that empowers communities to address their unique health challenges effectively.

We ensure that the Community Health Needs Assessment not only identifies health disparities but actively seeks solutions. Our approach acknowledges and addresses inequities, working towards inclusive health strategies that uplift every community member.

Ascendant Healthcare Partners seamlessly integrates with the National Association of County and City Officials (NACCHO) which has updated their Community Health Assessment process model from MAPP to MAPP 2.0.

In addition, we embrace and incorporate all the 10 essential services aligning seamlessly with the new Community Health Assessment process.

Looking Ahead: Ascendant Healthcare Partners' Ongoing Commitment

Reflecting on the past decade, Ascendant Healthcare Partners stands ready to address the challenges of the next decade. In fact, we have played an active role in identifying indicators Healthy People 2030—which is a government program that identifies public health priorities to help individuals, organizations, and communities across the US improve health and well-being. Ascendant Healthcare Partners has been instrumental in shaping community health trends over the last ten years. We invite you, the local health department and your communities, healthcare providers, and stakeholders to join us in our commitment to building thriving, resilient, and equitable societies.