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COVID-19 Consulting

Ascendant Healthcare Partners are here to help you, so you can help others and save lives!

The current exponential increase in COVID-19 is reaching a calamitous scale in the United States, potentially overwhelming the health care system, and causing substantial loss of life. The news media report increases in new cases and deaths every day.

Ascendant Healthcare Partners provides comprehensive technical assistance (TA) to Health Departments and Tribes on capacity building and quality improvement such as:

  • Community health

  • Epidemiology and surveillance policies

  • Epidemiology protocols and processes

  • Rapid cycle evaluation of current COVID-19 response efforts to improve your services.

  • Public Health Preparedness

  • Contact Tracing Plan & Field Tool Kit (can be revised to fit the needs of other infectious diseases)

  • Public Health Risk Communication Plan


Health departments engage in significant population-based health efforts to prevent and mitigate the spread of the disease and educate the public. These are the types of activities that may be the focus of any documentation a health department plans to submit as evidence to the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB)  for their initial or reaccreditation submission.

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