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Finding Solutions

Ascendant Healthcare Partners' approach is simple: transforming communities for healthier live.  We come to your place of business, roll-up our sleeves and work as partners to create meaningful solutions to your challenges.  You can count on our years of experience to ensure that those solutions will, in turn, directly address your business needs.

Our team of consultants has a reputation of achieving results, meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations in complex situations and clearly communicating the results to diverse audiences. 


Ascendant Healthcare Partners provides a broad range of services:

Who we serve
  • Hospitals & Health Systems 

  • Academic Healthcare Centers

  • Public Health Departments

  • Cities & Counties

  • Federal & State Agencies

  • Health Foundations

  • Pharmaceutical 

  • Universities

  • Coalitions and Community Based-organizations

Research & Analysis

  • Targeted research for the populaton and health issues pertinent to your facility

  • Qualitative, quantitative, and observational analyses

  • Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNA)

  • Executive and stakeholder research/ partner evaluation

  • Physcian/patient referral network analysis

  • Economic and cost benefit analysis

  • Patient centeredness audit

  • Health literacy check-up

Strategic Planning

  • Forecast and trend analysis

  • Conduct stakeholder surveys, focus groups, and interviews

  • Facilitate consumer engagement, consensus building and group process facilitation

  • Organizational visioning and strategic planning

  • Business plan

  • Care management capability & program design

Implementation Assistance

  • Redeploying resources to serve the underserved

  • Prepare community action plans

  • Develop operational and financial implementation plans

  • Design surveillance systems to track performance and outcomes

  • Health management    implementation

  • Managing community benefit

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