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"Public health is not just about making the healthy choice the easy choice, it's about making the healthy choice the possible choice for all residents."

Sandra Whitehead

Senior Consultant

Sandra is a nationally recognized leader and has authored numerous papers and book chapters on workforce development, health in all policies (HiAP) and the built environment impacting community health. She was appointed in 2017 by the EPA Administrator to the National Environmental Justice Advisory Council and has a passion for working to improve communities and the lives of people living in them. Sandra has worked at all levels of government and has a wide network she can leverage to help you achieve your goals.


Sandra has worked with multiple jurisdictions to create a HiAP framework including: the City of Richmond, Virginia; the City of Cincinnati; Franklin County (MA) Regional Council of Governments and Kitsap County (OR). She is actively working with a consortium of partners in Pinellas County, Florida to implement a $1.3 million HiAP initiative funded by the Foundation for a Healthy St Petersburg which includes partnerships with: the Florida Department of Health in Pinellas County; the Cities of St. Petersburg and Pinellas Park and Pinellas County. She recently published an article in the Journal of Environmental Health on  intersectoral collaboration. In 2018, she taught a HiAP class with the World Health Organization.


Sandra's expertise in Health Impact Assessment (HIA) has been well honed over the past ten years. She has worked on over 25 HIAs across the US on a variety of topics ranging from state education policies to comprehensive plans. Sandra has trained over 500 professionals to conduct HIAs and serves on the Steering Committee of the Society of Practitioners of HIA ( 


Sandra's background includes almost 20 years of local government experience, over 11 years of public health work and teaching appointments at the University of Florida and Florida State University. She is currently the Program Director and Chair of the Department of Sustainable Urban Planning at George Washington University.



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