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JoAnn Andrews


We serve human needs, not just business objectives. The work we do ‘in the business’ provides a context for us to do the work that makes a difference to the individual, the company and ultimately to society


Who We Are

Ascendant Health Partners (AHP) is led by professionals with more than 25 years of experience in health assessments, collaborative planning, coaching/mentoring, grant writing and engagement. Her firm facilitates and collaborates across health and community sectors, working together to improve communities and the lives of people living in them. AHP clearly understands that collaborative efforts are vital to making the best possible use of our community resources and achieving collective impact. 


The Ascendant Healthcare Partners teams are often enriched by contractors and partners who bring a specific subject matter expertise to ensure the appropriate blend of talent and experience level for each project (depending on its scale and time frame). 


Our entire engagement team at Ascendant Healthcare Partners is here to assist organizations and providers to communications that meet people where they are. Our vision is to be a catalyst and facilitator of effective patient-centered collaboration.

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