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Patient Centeredness Audit

The key to success in the emerging shared-financial-risk landscape is patient-centered care.  Is your hospital ready for comprehensive care management, coordination of care across care settings, and optimization of the patient experience?  If you plan on participating in the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) or through private-sector insurers then you know that these three elements will play a critical role in your success.

compliance, adherence, outcomes, safety, efficacy, focus groups

To help you minimize your financial risk, Ascendant Healthcare Partners will perform a thorough assessment of the patient-centered processes you have in place.  We look for gaps and opportunities to make care management, care coordination, and patient engagement more effective.  Depending on the size and complexity of your organization, this audit can be completed in as little as three weeks.  This means you can quickly begin implementing recommendations that will maximize the effectiveness of your patient-centered initiatives.

What we review


  • Policies and procedures

  • Staff-patient, staff-provider, and staff-staff communications

  • Health literacy of patient materials

  • Provider buy-in and engagement

  • Processes and workflow

  • Care management software 

  • Risk stratification capabilities

  • Data sharing between providers

  • Program goals and evaluation measures

  • Clinical measures



  • Integration with community resources

  • Transition of care processes 

  • Job descriptions

  • Staff skills and attitudes

  • Staff training

  • Patient engagement

  • Patient survey tools and results

  • Dissemination of program results to providers

  • Use of program results to improve care

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